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Exhibits Scope

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Exhibits Scope

1.Automotive Manufacturing Engineering
1.1.Automotive materials: automotive steel, automobile aluminum, automobile plastics, automobile composite materials and special materials  etc.
1.2.Automotive design: shape design, interior design, body design, electrical design, chassis design, engine design, etc.
1.3.Four automobile manufacturing process: stamping, welding, painting, assembly, fasteners  etc.
1.4.Automotive Parts Processing Technology: metal cutting, cutting, grinding, drilling, drilling equipment, stamping, forging, bending technology and equipment; laser cutting, marking technology and equipment; resin technology; die casting / casting, surface treatment / Heat treatment technology and equipment; automotive parts cutting fluid lubrication products;auto mold and related support ect.
1.5.Automotive Adhesion Material & Sealing Technology Products
2.Autotive Foresight Technology
2.1.Automotive electronics: electronic components/materials, semiconductor, automotive systems, testing tools, ADAS, software, hardware system, etc.;
2.2.EV/HEV: EV/HEV Cars,Motor, inverter, converter, parts, materials, batteries, chargers, manufacturing equipment, etc.;
2.3.Connected Car: M2M management/system/equipment, driving the vehicle management, vehicle entertainment equipm -ent, man-machine interface, etc.;
2.4.Automotive Lightweight: metal/nonmetal materials, spare parts, molding/processing technology and equipment, engineering design, simulation, etc;
3.Autotive Key Components
3.1.Automobile piping system: powertrain pipes, brake system pipes, fuel pipes, air conditioning heat exchange pipes etc.
3.2.Powertrain system: engine, gearbox, drive shaft, differential, clutch, etc.
3.3.Seating System: seat assembly, headrest assembly, armrest assembly, seat material, etc.
3.4.Chassis system: transmission, driving, steering, braking, etc.

3.5.Lighting and others